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Your link can be found under the “Sign Up Link” on your IB portal Dashboard. Your personal IB tracking link allows you to accurately and efficiently promote your services, enabling you to maximize all potential revenue streams.
Your commission is calculated based on the trading activity of the clients you've introduced. The amount is calculated per lot traded based on your payment plan agreement.
Upon registration you will receive an appendix indicating your commission plan. For further information please contact Swiss Markets’ Partner Team or your Business Development Manager.
Kindly note that in order to add a client manually under an IB Link we will need an email from the client's registered email address requesting to be moved under that IB.
Kindly note that for clients that did not register using an IB’s tracking link and were added at a later stage under the specific IB, the deposits that they had placed before that will not reflect on the IB’s Portal. Once they start generating commission though, the IB’s earnings will be correctly reflected on the IB portal.
Yes, your earnings are calculated and displayed in real-time based on the trading volume generated by your network of clients.
You can view the commission generated per MT4 account under the “Clients” tab.
You can download a statement of your clients' trades via your IB portal. You simply need to click on “Trades”, select the time period from the drop-down menu , click on “Apply” and then click on the “download” tab. You can choose to either copy or download the file as Excel or CSV.
You can view the number of clients, volume traded and commission generated from your Sub IBs in your IB portal under the “SUB IBs” tab.
You can view the paid commissions under the “Payouts” tab in your IB portal.
This means you have not received the IB commission on those trades yet. You will receive them on your next payment date.
Yes PAMM trades commissions are also calculated in real-time and can be viewed under the “PAMM TRADES” tab.
Our new reporting tools enable you to conduct thorough performance analysis to maximize your portfolio’s potential. Find out exactly which months are your best performers, understand where your marketing strategy may need fine-tuning or get a real feel as to what your clients are actually looking for.
Of course, we offer a wide range of promotional banners in your IB portal under the Marketing tab.
You can find a range of sized banners in your IB portal. Should you require a size that is not available please feel free to contact us with your request via email [email protected]
For those of you who offer kick back (rebates) to your clients, then great news! You can now set a rebate percentage and provide this service with a simple click of a button.
You just need to go to your IB portal, click on “Rebates”, and set the percentage you wish to give back to your client. Please note that the percentage needs to be set before the IB commission is paid.
We have chosen to pay the IB's commissions every 2 weeks. Once at the beginning of the month between 1st-5th of each month and once in the middle of the month between 15th-20th of the month. Also, the IB commission needs to reach a minimum of $100 or account currency equivalent to be paid.
Once the IB commissions are paid you will be able to login to your Dashboard and place a withdrawal request from your IB wallet.
Of course, you can now transfer your IB commissions to your trading account using the Internal transfer option on your Dashboard.
Belgium, Cyprus and North Cyprus
Democratic Republic of Congo
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
North Korea
The United States / US reportable persons
Yes, you can use the same email address to register an IB account by clicking here. We suggest using the same password as well so both accounts can be linked.